How women are negotiating motherhood and fitness
11 Mar 2019
How women are negotiating motherhood and fitness

The recent successes of sportswomen like Serena Williams and Jasmin Paris – who also happen to be mothers – may be eroding the stigma around motherhood and fitness. But which challenges prevail for pregnant women who want to exercise? And how can brands help them fight isolation and get active?

Mel Bound

Mel Bound is a mum of two and founder and CEO of This Mum Runs, which brings a community of 25,000 mums together to run, socialise and get a bit of head space.

Jennifer Barton

Jennifer Barton is a native New Yorker-turned-Londoner who studied French and Russian literature. She’s written on fashion, parenting, lifestyle, tech and more for The Sun, HuffPost, Marie Claire, The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella mag and more. When she’s not writing, she’s running after her four children and pet bulldog.