Why small products are a big deal
21 Feb 2018
Why small products are a big deal

Super-size culture is out-of-step with new world sentiments as the zero-waste and clean eating movements mark the end of wasteful excess, making a strong case for petite purchasing. But how can brands scale down their products without leaving people feeling short-changed?

Melissa Clark

Melissa Clark is the co-founder of and jump. She leads the team to develop next-generation products, services and experiences that help organisations grow and transform. She's adept at going deep to find the gold and loves seeing good ideas go live. She's previously redesigned the digital experience of Lush and Lush Kitchen, launched a news service focused on crisis reporting and helped a financial services client redesign its proposition. Her work has been recognised in Design Week, Fast Company and Wired.

James Gudeon

James Gudeon is an applied psychologist, behavioural analyst, and strategic planner examining multiple touchpoints across consumer purchase decisions.

Shabana Ebrahem

Shabana Ebrahem is a global contemporary culture and trend expert specialising in wellness, beauty, luxury, lifestyle insight, and advisory.