Jun 24, 2016
A Generational Snapshot of Boomers

How are Boomer women breaking down beauty ideals? What makes this group such dedicated grandparents? And what are their plans for retirement? This Generational Snapshot uses statistics and case studies from the US and UK to explore how Boomers are approaching later life in 2016.

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Age is just one of the ways we can categorise people. Attitudes are equally – and often more so – shaped by a dynamic range of factors, with where you’re from, how wealthy you are and basic human nature all playing a role. But generations are as relevant as ever. We define a generation as a group of people passing through life stages at the same point in time, whose attitudes and ideals have been shaped by a similar set of historical events. How did growing up in front of the TV affect their perception of the Joneses? How did the introduction of the Pill change the way this generation started and nurtured families?