Jul 13, 2015
What makes an Aussie dream home?

With property prices booming, more Aussies are choosing to spend on home improvements rather than a pricey move. How are Australians changing their houses to focus on a connection to the land, doing less with more and creating spaces that nourish both the stomach as much as the soul?

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With property prices booming nationwide, more and more Australian homeowners are choosing to spend their money on making what they've got as impressive as possible. An ideal home Down Under consists of a swimming pool, walk-in wardrobes, home theatre system and designer kitchen. [1] Considering that almost nine in ten Australians agree that renovating is a good strategy to increase the value of a property, it’s no surprise that home improvement projects have increased 147% since August 2010 and that the amount spent on renovations is at its highest level since early 2012. [2]