Oranj: curating natural wine to drink at home

Wine subscription service Oranj aims to give Britons a trendy at-home wine bar experience while they stay indoors due to the pandemic. By focusing on natural wines, it also plays into the growing interest in discovery and learning for those seeking an earthy, organic experience.

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With restaurants and bars closed due to COVID-19 lockdowns across the UK, alcohol sales for at-home consumption have spiked, increasing by 19.4% in 2020 compared to 2019. [1] London-based wine delivery start-up Oranj is one company that has capitalised on that opportunity. Originally intended to open as a wine bar, the pandemic forced company founders Edwin Methu-Frost and Jasper Delamothe to pivot, and in mid-2020, they launched Oranj as a subscription service. Oranj delivers monthly wine boxes consisting entirely of natural wines (sometimes called low-intervention or biodynamic wine), referring to wines that have no extra additives (such as sulfites, used to preserve wines), and that use grapes free from pesticides. Oranj’s wines are hand-picked each month by established sommeliers from a number of London restaurants.