Feb 9, 2021
How spirits are moving beyond connoisseur culture

Premium spirits were once synonymous with exclusivity, with only discerning drinkers splashing out for high-end tipples. But with luxury moving in a more inclusive direction and alcohol discovery largely taking place online due to COVID-19, how can brands keep up with a changing marketplace?

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While 2020 drove seismic shifts in how Americans drink spirits, with the switch from on-trade to at-home consumption proving revelatory, innovations in the industry are set to accelerate in 2021 as prolonged restrictions on movement turn accessibility into a priority. There are over 2,000 craft distillers across the US, many of which earn around 40% of their revenue from tasting room sales, and their closure due to the pandemic has forced these small businesses – and even larger brands – to reestablish their position in a rapidly shifting marketplace.[1]