Instagram wine brands help with digital discovery
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Jan 20, 2021
Instagram wine brands help with digital discovery

As the number of people on the hunt for good wine continues to rise, they're seeking wine connoisseurship online. From natural wine to curated viticulture, brands are using Instagram as a playful place to reach new and loyal grape fans, offering people entry to their favourite tipples.

With the closure of bars, restaurants, and wine shops, social media is proving the savviest way to reach consumers, be it through Zoom wine-tasting sessions or curated subscription boxes of vino. Posts with the hashtag #naturalwines alone have amassed more than 1 million tags on Instagram. Shop Cuvée, a London-based restaurant and online wine shop has been showcasing funky labels with engaging and fun names such as ‘Chin Chin’ and ‘No Control’. “In our new retail setup, branding and labels play a much bigger part in people's decisions. I've always been of the opinion that branding has an effect on people's perception of flavour,” says Brodie Meah, Shop Cuvée owner.