Binary Botanical rebrands low-ABV beer for wine-lovers
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Nov 16, 2020
Binary Botanical rebrands low-ABV beer for wine-lovers

Binary Botanical beer has won shelf space in Sainsbury’s, positioning itself as the mindful drinker's sparkling wine alternative. As moderation and health-consciousness continue to grow, the drink is targeting people who want both the sophistication of wine and the low-ABV content of beer.

Brewed using both hops and hop leaves, Binary Botanical's beer is a bubbly beverage akin to prosecco but with a 4% ABV, for those especially keen to keep a clear head. It also comes in a 0.5% version. The drink, which tastes similar to wine, is designed for people who would usually avoid beer and cider, but are keen to sample something with a lower alcohol content than wine. It’s also hoping to win over consumers eager to cut down on waste. To create its tangy taste, Binary uses hop leaves that are usually discarded in the production phase. The fact that the brand uses a waste product as a core ingredient means its brewing process is “very sustainable,” says Danielle Bekker, co-founder.