Dec 2, 2020
2021 Expert Outlook on Eating and Drinking

Will homes remain the main destination for food and drink experiences? How can diets help maintain mental health? And who will people turn to for their groceries? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how the events of 2020 are shaping eating and drinking habits.

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From raising sourdough starters to concocting makeshift cocktails, the world of food and drink was largely confined to people’s homes in 2020 – and it’s likely to remain there in 2021. People have gained a newfound appreciation for their kitchens, with research carried out in the early months of the pandemic finding that over half of Americans were cooking more often while in lockdown. At the same time, brands have enabled them to experiment with food and drink domestically by offering services such as home delivery from Michelin-starred restaurants and sommelier-curated wine cases.