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  • How are Gen Yer parents shaping their children’s eating habits?
  • How are Gen Yer parents shaping their children’s eating habits?
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Are Gen Yers raising healthy eaters?

Gen Yer parents want their kids to eat well. However, finding time to make healthy meals, the cost of quality food, and a lack of knowledge about nutrition present some challenges. How are Gen Yers finding solutions, and how can brands help parents raise the next generation of healthy eaters?

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Parents have always worried about what their kids eat, but this concern doesn’t mean that children grow up with healthy eating habits. Despite countless news reports and public health campaigns, childhood obesity remains an issue in the US – in fact, across the US, there were no significant changes in childhood obesity rates between 2016 and 2017 to 2018. [1] But it can be difficult to understand what constitutes healthful eating – 80% of people have encountered conflicting information about food and nutrition and 59% of them say that this makes them doubt the healthfulness of ...



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    Chefclub Kids: the cooking tutorials uniting families

    French content platform Chefclub is known for quick, easy, often cheese-based recipe videos. As well as pleasing eatertainment fans, its Chefclub Kids channel inspires parents and children to bond over digital and physical tasks, equipping the next generation with confidence in the kitchen.

  • Kroger's 'food prescriptions' make healthy eating easier

    Kroger's 'food prescriptions' make healthy eating easier

    Doctors often tell patients to eat more healthfully, but vague advice can make it hard for them to follow through. To make diet changes more manageable, Kroger has launched a program that sees physicians writing ‘food prescriptions’ for patients that can then be fulfilled at a grocery store.

  • Confused Americans are stressed about healthy diets

    Confused Americans are stressed about healthy diets

    Living a healthy lifestyle sounds great in theory, but maintaining it can be difficult. A study has revealed that the pressure to maintain a healthy diet is making Americans stressed out and confused, presenting an opportunity for brands to guide them toward healthy decisions.

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    How are meal kits catering to American eating habits?

    Appealing to those seeking both convenience and healthy food, meal kits are expanding from doorstep delivery to grocery stores, where their à la carte options allow shoppers to make last-minute eating decisions. As we try to do more with less time, how are these kits transforming our days?