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  • Is the traditional white wedding in decline?
  • Is the traditional white wedding in decline?
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How are Britons getting hitched?

The way Britons get married is undergoing an upheaval as celebrants supplant clerics and brides opt for second-hand gowns. What’s driving couples to downsize their plans, exchange engagement tattoos, and opt for outdoor ceremonies? And how are brands supporting their new traditions?

Location Northern Europe

“Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married.” So sang The Dixie Cups back in 1964, but a lot has changed around weddings since then, principally that the majority of those taking place in the UK no longer involve chapels or even religion. Britons are getting hitched later in life and marriage is no longer exclusively for heterosexual couples. What’s more, as young people struggle to make ends meet, the cost of marrying the traditional way is forcing them to rethink their plans.

While the average age of marriage for heterosexual men and women was 27.2 and ...



  • Brides-to-be seek comfort in wedding podcasts Brides-to-be seek comfort in wedding podcasts

    British brides-to-be are turning to podcasts to support them through the stressful feat of planning their big day. Podcasts offer a rich and empathetic form of storytelling that allow people to gain validation and comfort from the shared stories and experiences of other brides.

  • Article image What do Britons expect from an engagement ring?

    A diamond may be forever, but not everyone wants an engagement ring with a giant rock, whether that’s due to the price or personal taste. Canvas8 spoke to 30 Britons to understand how they regard giving or receiving a diamond as part of a proposal and what they might like as an alternative.

  • Article image Iceland royal wedding cake: a slice of low-key patriotism

    One-in-five Britons feel that the only time they can truly indulge their patriotism is during a national event. Ahead of the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, retailer Iceland is releasing a dupe wedding cake to help sweet-toothed patriots celebrate like a royal.

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    Divorce used to be a dirty word, but with almost half of marriages now ending this way, attitudes are adjusting. Increasingly, people are looking for a ritual to mark the end of married life, and however they want to usher in their new singledom, Divorce Party Planner is on hand to help.