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  • People are searching for more holistic experiences with fashion brands
  • People are searching for more holistic experiences with fashion brands
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How is the fashion industry going virtual?

As the digital and physical worlds of fashion continue to fuse, the industry is innovating to offer engaging, immersive experiences. With people's interest in sustainability and technology rising, retail spaces and campaigns are turning virtual – meaning the emperor’s new clothes just got real.

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What would the fashion world look like if all clothes and models were digitally rendered? This idea of a clothes-less fashion industry is no longer far-removed from reality, as experimental digital offerings have infiltrated the creative and marketing element of the sector. While people have traditionally placed value on having physical contact with fashion products, new, and often younger audiences are craving something different. And with CGI and virtual rendering on the rise, fashion is looking to create a more seamless and immersive digital offer.





  • AR adverts let beauty users try before they buy AR adverts let beauty users try before they buy

    AR advertising on Facebook news feeds is being embraced by beauty brands like Bobbi Brown, Sephora and Michael Kors. Given that 77% of Americans own a smartphone, AR advertising is a playful and effective way for people to ‘try before they buy’ and experiment with beauty options.

  • AR Experimentation AR Experimentation

    The beauty industry has been slow to harness the full potential of technology to boost in-store footfall and customer loyalty, but people are beginning to enjoy the benefits of augmented reality to discover products and test new looks – an integral part of shopping for make-up.

  • Article image Save Your Wardrobe: your personal fashion ecosystem

    The average consumer havs 36 outfits in their wardrobe that they never wear. Save Your Wardrobe uses AI to help people organise their closet, quickly pick outfits and make the most of their clothing collections, while giving brands real-time data about a product’s life after it lands in a person’s closet.

  • Article image How is AR technology personalising beauty?

    Augmented reality has already established itself as an exciting technology across several sectors, letting people visualise furniture in their homes and play real-world video games. How is it being harnessed in the beauty world to deliver personalised and seamless shopping experiences?