How is AR technology personalising beauty?
22 Jul 2018
How is AR technology personalising beauty?

Augmented reality has already established itself as an exciting technology across several sectors, letting people visualise furniture in their homes and play real-world video games. How is it being harnessed in the beauty world to deliver personalised and seamless shopping experiences?

David Ripert

David Ripert is the CEO and founder of Poplar, an AR content creation firm that has worked with the likes of L’Oreal, EasyJet, and Aviva.

Adriana Goldenberg

Adriana Goldenberg is a marketing strategist at Holition, which builds AR software for beauty brands including Charlotte Tilbury and Bourjois.

Sylvain Delteil

Sylvain Delteil is the director of business development at Perfect Corp Europe, the developer behind the YouCam app series.

Ginny Weeks

Ginny Weeks has been a trend analyst for ten years, working across fashion, beauty, health, and motoring. She's the content director at Citizen Femme and a travel journalist for The Telegraph and Mr & Mrs Smith. Before going freelance, she was an editor at MSN and lifestyle magazine Psychologies.