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  • Diet Prada calls out brands on ‘fashion injustices’
  • Diet Prada calls out brands on ‘fashion injustices’
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Diet Prada: Calling out luxury fashion’s failings

Instagram account Diet Prada is confronting some of fashion’s most prestigious brands on issues like copycat design and model diversity. As luxury consumers’ definition of ethical expands to include the intellectual property of designs, fashion brands need to keep up or risk being called out.

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With its infamous no-mercy, name-and-shame approach to policing any perceived failings among high-end fashion houses, Diet Prada has gained notoriety with consumers and superstars alike. And while its followers seem to enjoy the criticism it levels at some of fashion’s biggest names, its popularity also speaks volumes about what the modern-day consumer wants from a luxury fashion label. Has intellectual property (IP) really become part of the fabric of consumers consideration as they seek more ethical luxury?





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