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  • How can brands please Boomers?
  • How can brands please Boomers?
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What do Boomers want from customer service?

Customer service has always been a thorny point for brands, but solutions to improve customer relationships are often targeted at Gen Y and Z. Boomers are being forgotten about, and their satisfaction towards customer service is dropping. So what do Boomers want from customer service?

Location North America / Northern Europe

When the news broke at IBM that there was going to be a “cutting of old heads” – something that would affect tens of thousands of Senior workers – predictably, the tech giant’s tone-deaf approach sparked a backlash, which saw accusations of ageism levelled at the brand. [1] This age-discrimination case is just another example of how Boomers, in particular, are misperceived to be analogue relics in our advanced technological age, despite statistics and data indicating otherwise. They are left behind by brands, not only as employees but also prominently as customers. In fact, studies by The ...



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    Empty Nesters: embracing life without the kids

    Empty nesters are seen as having a hard time once their children leave, having to splash out on luxury items and pets to compensate for their absent kids. Yet, in reality, they’re online, optimistic and looking for meaningful experiences. So, how can brands reach this group more effectively?

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    UK Boomers on media and entertainment

    Almost 70% of Boomers say they're ‘tech adopters’, but which media and entertainment do Boomers most enjoy using and what are they willing to pay for? Canvas8 spoke to 20 British men and women aged 50-69 to get a better understanding of their relationship with media and entertainment.

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    What’s the best thing about getting older?

    While one might imagine later life as a time of loneliness and declining health, research suggests that old age is accompanied by wealth and happiness. Canvas8 sat down with 20 British Boomers and Seniors to explore their attitudes to ageing, and to find out the best thing about getting older.

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    How can banks become age-friendly?

    With the number of people aged over 65 set to double in the next 25 years, it’s becoming increasingly important for banks to cater to the UK’s ageing population. What are they doing to stay age-friendly? And how can businesses meet the financial needs of their elderly customers?