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  • Why are Americans spitting out their gum?
  • Why are Americans spitting out their gum?
    Veronica Aguilar, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Hershey’s Cool Blasts: getting America chewing

Chewing gum used to be synonymous with youth in America. It was sexy, glamorous and epitomised a laid-back attitude. But the $4 billion US gum market is down 10% in sales, and this is expected to continue until 2019. So why are Americans spitting out their gum?

Location United States

You’re just about to head into an important meeting, but you’re chewing gum and there’s no bin in sight. Where do you spit it? What’s the politest way to get rid of it? This is just one of many awkward situatitons that’s leading to a sales decline for gum manufacturers. The $4 billion US gum market is down 10%, and it’s a decline that’s expected to continue until 2019. [1]

In turn, brands are innovating; attempting to renew interest in a product that’s starting to feel tasteless and old. Can Hershey’s Cool Blasts – a ...



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