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  • Why are luxury brands losing their logos?
  • Why are luxury brands losing their logos?
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A sector snapshot of luxury

Why are luxury brands losing their logos and going under the radar? How did the wealthy learn to share? Is a new luxury elite pricing everyone else out? And why has high fashion gone pop?

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Luxury is undergoing an evolution. For Fendi CEO Michael Burke, it’s in the emergence of ‘Ur- Luxury’ – a return to craftsmanship, artistry and “what original luxury was”. For the French, it’s the pursuit of ‘supplément d’âme’ (‘added soul’).

Whatever you choose to call it, the shift from conspicuous consumption to more subtle signifiers of luxury is transforming the expectations of today’s consumer. While some are ironising status symbols with Pop Luxe playfulness, others are distancing themselves from aggressive branding with nuanced, under- the-radar, storytelling. 

This snapshot looks at why ...



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    Moynat: reawakening a luxury trunk maker

    Moynat is a traditional French trunk maker that has been revived after 35 years lying dormant. Bags start at £4,000 and the company can’t keep up with demand. How is this old leather purveyor’s new mythology enchanting monied Parisians, high-rolling Londoners, Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams alike?

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    How wealthy jet setters learnt to share

    The ‘sharing economy’ has taken the travel industry by storm. Now, ‘collaborative consumption’ is going luxe. But what does this shift mean for luxury travel? Will exclusive clubs and networks formerly accessible only to the super-wealthy become the new norm?

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    Moschino Barbie collection: it’s chic to be cheeky

    In the US, there are 11.8 million Gen Yers living in households with six-figure incomes, and many want to treat themselves to luxury items. For a market filled with these tech-savvy and social media-driven shoppers, instant gratification is crucial. But how are brands getting this group to splurge?

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    Bankrupted by designer bags

    As emerging economies transform the consumer base for high-end goods, luxury is moving out of range of all but the very richest. The fashion industry is rushing to fill the gap, as the notion of aspiration is remodelled to appeal to a diverse range of consumers – and budgets.