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  • Women are freezing their eggs to safeguard their future
  • Women are freezing their eggs to safeguard their future
    Jorge Sanmartin Maïssa, Creative Commons (2013) ©

EggBanxx: financing fertility to delay motherhood

Egg freezing was once a procedure undertaken for medical reasons. Now, however, it's fast becoming a choice for many women in the US who want to ‘have it all’ and delay motherhood. But why are these women so keen to spend up to $10,000 to try to freeze time?

Location United States

“Smart women freeze,” says the EggBanxx website, a start-up in the US that’s trying to make the once-rare and pricey practice of egg freezing – also known as oocyte freezing – more accessible. [1] EggBanxx launched in March 2014, “primarily out of a need to educate women about their fertility and to get more women considering fertility preservation, or egg freezing, at an earlier age,” says Robin McCarthy, VP at FertilityAuthority​, an online fertility resource that owns EggBanxx. [2]

Previously, women froze their eggs mainly for medical reasons. But now, it’s ...



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