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  • We’ve become accustomed to instant service on-demand
  • We’ve become accustomed to instant service on-demand
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How Uber fulfils our ‘I want it now’ culture

Push for a pizza, swipe for a cleaner and tap for a taxi. The rise of apps like Uber is facilitating the culture of ‘I want it, and I want it now’. For digital-savvy city-dwellers from London to Beijing, everything you need – from your dinner to a ride home – is just an app away.


  • Article image Edaixi: outsourcing your laundry in China

    Doing laundry is at the bottom of most people's to-do list - the epitome of the boring household chore. In China, Edaixi is an on-demand laundry company providing a swift and efficient service for time-strapped and space-poor Beijingers who want to outsource their laundry.

  • Uber shows local neighbourhoods love Uber shows local neighbourhoods love

    A trip into Shoreditch with Uber could get you 15% off a magazine from Beach London or a free drink at Lyle's. It's the latest offering from the taxi service, bringing small businesses together to champion local spirit. London isn't the only city involved – Boston and San Diego are too. 

  • Article image Hassle: matchmaking cleaners with messy homes

    In the UK, 75% of adults care about their home being clean – but only one in five put the time in to clean at the weekend. Perhaps it's down to laziness, being overworked, or rethinking priorities, but one million more people employ a cleaner than a decade ago.

  • The race to deliver 'on demand' alcohol The race to deliver 'on demand' alcohol

    Aimed at parties and corporate functions, Boston-based Drizly aims to deliver alcohol to your doorstep in under 40 minutes. After receiving £2.5 million in funding, and with a host of competitors across the US emerging, the race towards delivering 'on demand' alcohol is on.