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  • Could pay-as-you-go car insurance save the industry?
  • Could pay-as-you-go car insurance save the industry?
    Metromile (2014) ©

Metromile: pay-as-you drive car insurance

The US car insurance industry is worth around $199 billion - but car use is declining, and one third of people sought a new insurer in 2013. Adapting to changing usage patterns and customer demands, Metromile makes insurance more customer-friendly with a pay-by-the-mile scheme.

Location Northern Europe / North America

The car insurance industry in the United States is worth an estimated $199 billion, with an expected growth rate of 2.3% until 2019. [1] But car use is falling – particularly in the US, where it’s declined every year since 2005, and travel on all roads dropped by 3.1 billion miles between 2012 and 2013. [2][3] Services like Uber and Zipcar are soaring in popularity due to their increased flexibility – with cars available to rent for short trips and weekends, why own a car if you don’t need one ...



  • Land Rover introduces a 'self-learning' car Land Rover introduces a 'self-learning' car

    Land Rover is turning its cars into ‘Smart Assistants’. Using the latest technology, its vehicles will automatically adapt to habits and preferences, doing everything from automatically adjusting seats and mirrors, to reminding you to pick up your child’s PE kit.

  • Car-sharing goes electric Car-sharing goes electric

    Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Autolib' is an electric car-sharing scheme in Paris that's enjoying huge popularity. Membership increased from 5,650 a month in 2011 to 155,000 in 2014 - clocking up 30.4 million miles. And it's now set to make its debut in London. 

  • Article image Mercedes Predictive User Experience: a car that knows you

    The global premium and luxury car industry was worth €319 billion in 2013. As Audi, BMW and Mercedes compete for market share, can Mercedes' Predictive User Experience – which accurately predicts the driver’s behaviour and adjusts to their preferences – put it on top?

  • Buy car insurance in a group Buy car insurance in a group

    Why should your car insurance premium be determined by a group of risk-takers that you've never met? UK start-up Guevara helps responsible drivers cut the cost of their car insurance through group payments with friends that are equally cautious behind the wheel.

  • Do you trust your car dealer? Do you trust your car dealer?

    In the digital age, people can find information on virtually anything. When they want to buy a car, they come prepared, so dealers' information advantage has diminished. OpenBook Autos is a dealership that's embracing this change by being transparent with prospective buyers.

  • Article image Rent your digs, your Dior, and your dog

    From being accustomed to renting our homes, and that power drill you only need once, we now don’t mind renting a nail polish that someone else has already had their hands on, or not owning our washing machine. But why aren’t people so keen to own material possessions anymore?

  • Article image Why Generation Y won’t take the wheel

    The desire to own and drive your own car used to be a life-defining characteristic for young Brits – but its importance is fading. And it’s the same case in other countries too, from the US and Germany to Japan and Australia. But why? And how is the car industry responding?

  • Article image DriveNow: Germany's convenient car-sharing

    As Millennials increasingly perceive ownership as a burden, car-sharing companies like DriveNow are changing the game. From Dusseldorf to Munich, they’re catering to an ever-growing percentage of young Germans for whom owning a car is no longer a viable or ‘cool’ thing to do.