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  • Fitting beauty treatments into tight schedules can be a headache
  • Fitting beauty treatments into tight schedules can be a headache
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Blow Ltd: serving fast beauty at your convenience

The average mum in the UK gets a mere 17 minutes of ‘me-time’ per day – hardly enough time for a shower, let alone a blow dry or manicure. Blow Ltd’s fast beauty concept offers a menu of speedy beauty treatments - offering a slice of indulgence away from daily stresses.

Location United Kingdom

It’s a catch 22 that most 21st century women are familiar with – hundreds of beauty procedures, thousands of products, and yet barely enough time in the week to get everything done, let alone spend a couple of hours at a salon. Now Blow Ltd, with its blend of retail, service and media centred on the idea of fast beauty, is hoping to lighten the load. Is the way we consume beauty on the cusp of a dramatic makeover? And what are the implications of taking the fast approach to looking after our appearance?





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