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  • What do women really think about male grooming?
  • What do women really think about male grooming?
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What Women Want: how Gillette is normalising 'below-the-neck' shaving

It's rapidly becoming the norm for men to shave 'below-the-neck', and as they become more open to grooming, Gillette's 'What Women Want' campaign sparks a dialogue about beauty routines.

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In America, it's rapidly becoming the norm for twenty-somethings to shave 'below-the-neck'. Gillette knows this; it's part of the reason why. As men of all ages become more open to grooming products, Gillette's 'What Women Want' campaign is helping normalise the shift, encouraging men and women to spark a dialogue about beauty routines.

In previous decades, 'metrosexuality' defined a new and alternative type of masculinity that included a heightened interest in maintaining a well-groomed appearance. Nowadays, 'masculinity' is far more flexible, and with 1 in 3 UK men spending 21-40 minutes per day in the bathroom, male grooming ...



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    For many men, shaving is one of life's necessities, with 75% of American men shaving daily. But a marketing war between Gillette and Schick has created a razor market that's expensive and over-engineered. Selling cheaper, back-to-basics razors, can Harry's offer an alternative?

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    With lads’ mags Nuts and Front publishing their final issues in April 2014, The Sun’s Page 3 under fire, and even the relatively more sophisticated idea of metrosexual man now an assumed norm, does the 'lad' still exist? If so, where can he be found? And is it worth trying?

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    Beauty Mate is one of Australia's favourite men's skincare brands. But how does this modern shampooed, shaved and waxed man sit alongside the traditional view of the Aussie bloke?

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    Procter & Gamble blame Gilette's declining sales on the continuing trend for men sporting stubble or beards. Though beards were once seen as 'for hipsters', the facial hair fashion choice now sits firmly in the mainstream.

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    In a world of blurring gender roles, a playful definition of 'what it means to be a man' is emerging. Men have the freedom to build their own definition from a range of discourses.

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    Dr Mark McCormack investigates the roles that masculinity and sexuality play in the lives of male teens.

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    US deodorant brand AXE is releasing a new body spray with versions for both men and women.

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    Dr Nic Crowe dissects the gender bender phenomenon in contemporary pop culture.