Jun 27, 2022Keeping tenKeeping 10: insights that got us talking in June

As people get reacquainted with outside life in the new normal, many are looking for experiences that allow them to indulge while offering a sense of fun and escapism. From social shopping and ‘retailtainment’ to experimenting with beauty in a post-pandemic landscape, here are the top 10 insights that got us talking in June.

J’Nae PhillipsJ’Nae Phillips is a Junior Editor at Canvas8. With a background in fashion, she’s experienced in understanding how trends influence culture and play a part in shaping our human behaviour. When not working or studying for her journalism postgrad, she can be found writing for her style focused newsletter and is an avid reader.

Gen Zers are platforming self-care in new ways - a new generation of creators is changing the idea of what wellness means, with platforms like Sea Moss Girlies creating engaged communities around the subject. As Gen Zers challenge perfection ideals and celebrate flaws, brands are tapping into new wellbeing narratives offering a more grounded approach to self-care.

Americans are managing rising inflation - rising inflation has prompted Americans to rethink their financial futures and present, with budgets continuing to be reevaluated in tricky economic landscapes. Many are confused about the root causes of rising everyday costs, and brands can employ honesty and transparency to help consumers better manage their bottom lines.

Katerina Holmes (2020)

Gen Alphas are skill-building in the metaverse - as the metaverse emerges as a place for experimentation, fun and exploration, education in virtual environments is developing children's skills that are missing from IRL contexts. By bringing the benefits of education into virtual worlds, brands are creating safer online learning spaces for Gen Alpha.

People are exploring their gut health - the global market for digestive health products has seen rapid growth, but with the complex topic informed by pseudoscience as much as rigorous research people are struggling to make sense of it. By tapping into the benefits of gut-friendly food and clearly signposting its benefits, brands can showcase the versatility of their products.

Sports fans want new experiences - as sports such as Formula One see renewed interest as docuseries like Drive To Survive enhance the connection between fans and their sporting idols, reinvigorating a sports digital presence can allow brands to bring a lesser-known or niche sport to mass audiences.

Social shopping allows Americans to indulge - the rising cost of living is seeing Americans cut down on spending, but many are turning to social shopping as a way to indulge and get their shopping fixes. As consumers turn to shopping as a form of escapist entertainment, engaging in ‘retailtainment’ will allow brands to bond with consumers over fun, must-do experiences.

People are having fun with cosmetics - as dewy skin and barely-there make-up that defined the 2010s is phased out, people are having fun with cosmetics and daring beauty looks as they return to IRL experiences post-pandemic. By acknowledging the shift towards anti-aestheticism, brands can reflect people's desire for excess and escapism in their beauty preferences.

Christina Morillo (2018)

Women are held back in their careers - from showing new employees the ropes to doing the office housework, ’helpful’ tasks are hindering many women's career advancement. As more attention is brought to the gender pay gap and the issues that cause it, brands can rethink the way they assess and delegate work tasks to ensure women are not held back in their careers.

Young people are experimenting with their CVs - in an oversaturated job market with many people going for the same limited opportunities, young creatives are producing unique CVs that they hope sets them apart from the competition. As unconventional job applications rise, brands can amp up intuitive hiring practices that level the playing field for prospective employees.

Audio enthusiasts place trust in podcasts - as podcasting creates a more intimate user experience compared to other media formats, people are developing bonds with podcast creators they trust. As podcasts allow audiences to become part of a creator's inner circle, brands and businesses can look at more intimate user experiences that revolve around a sense of community to keep people coming back for more.

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