24 Jun 2022Read of the weekRead of the week: Aldi’s #CuthBack campaign speaks to budget-conscious Britons

The rising cost of living is affecting everything from the way people shop, to how they commute, to the activities people do for fun as well as what they eat and drink. As purse strings tighten across the globe, Aldi’s #CuthBack campaign is providing budget-conscious Britons with a cheaper alternative to a popular product.

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Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake has returned to supermarkets across the UK after the affordable grocery chain settled legal proceedings with Marks & Spencer in February 2022. After getting into hot water with M&S last year over the striking resemblance to their Colin the Caterpillar cake, the humorous #CuthBack campaign is reminding shoppers that Aldi provides cheaper alternatives to some of their favourite food and drink.

The cost of living crisis had led one in five families in the UK to cut back on their food shop or turn off their heating in order to save money, with one in ten people anticipating needing to use food banks or fuel vouchers during the winter months to make ends meet.

Brands are responding to people that are looking for ways to save on their bills. In the UK Asda has launched a price-matching scheme with discount store Home Bargains offering shoppers knockdown prices on essentials, and in the US online grocery store Martie is tackling food insecurity by offering surplus discounted products directly to consumers.