To each their own! The science of climate action
7 Jun 2024
To each their own! The science of climate action

Extreme weather events are becoming impossible to ignore, and as climate change puts pressure on brands and people alike, which initiatives can boost the future wellbeing of the Earth? Canvas8 spoke to social psychologist Kimberly Doell about her research on creating positive behavioural change.

Kimberly Doell

Dr. Kimberly Doell is an environmental and social psychologist who focuses on understanding the complexities of human behaviour and decision-making and leveraging that knowledge to combat various societal issues including misinformation, polarisation, pandemic-related health behaviours, and, in particular, climate change mitigation.

Riani Kenyon

Riani Kenyon is a caffeinated Zillennial who is hopelessly addicted to The Sims 4 and binge-watches her latest anime obsession when she’s not busy bopping to early 2000’s K-pop. Beyond being a nerd, she has worked on initiatives for the UN Academic Impact and the UK Model WHO, and also explored politics while interning at the House of Commons.