Why are Gen Z Britons obsessed with restaurant merch?
5 Jun 2024
Why are Gen Z Britons obsessed with restaurant merch?

COVID-19 spurred on Gen Zers’ obsession with restaurant merchandise – a trend that has seen small businesses, and now some of the UK’s biggest high street chains, release their own clothing lines. What’s behind this loyalty and how can brands appeal to this generation’s desire for foodie merch?

Katie Hodgekins-Peake

Katie Hodgekins-Peake is the founder and creative director of Backlash, a multi-award-winning experiential advertising agency. She has spent years researching the Gen Z market, specialising in retail, beauty, and food.

Connor Blakely

Connor Blakely is the founder of Youth Logic, a multidisciplinary Gen Z-first agency helping Fortune 500 companies, large brands, and exciting new start-ups understand and connect with Gen Zers. He has spent the last nine years decoding what makes Gen Zers tick.

James Hutchison

James Hutchison is a personal stylist and fashion creative director. A former graphic designer and branding expert, he decided to retrain and graduated as a personal stylist from the prestigious London College of Style. He now consults professionals on their fashion journey.

Eleanor Peake

Eleanor Peake is a features writer at the i newspaper, covering health, lifestyle, and money. She has written for the New Statesman, WIRED magazine, Vice, and Vogue.