How do UK voters feel about climate policy?
27 Mar 2024
How do UK voters feel about climate policy?

Climate change is a leading issue and the UK government has committed to a net zero emissions pledge by 2050. To reach it, voters must also take action and need political parties to support them. But in economically unstable times, how can political parties mobilise Gen Z voters?

Bobby Duffy

Professor Bobby Duffy is professor of public policy and director of the Policy Institute. He has worked across most public policy areas in his career of 30 years in policy research and evaluation, including being seconded to the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. His first book, The Perils of Perception: Why we’re wrong about nearly everything draws on a set of global studies on how people misperceive key social realities, and Generations: Does when you’re born shape who you are? challenges myths and stereotypes around generational trends, seeking a greater understanding around generational challenges.

Simon Atkinson

Simon Atkinson is chief knowledge officer at Ipsos, where he heads the Ipsos Knowledge Centre, a new global team dedicated to sharing Ipsos’ expertise with its clients and with the wider world. He is a frequent writer and commentator on social trends and how to make the best use of research findings.

Isobel Diamond

A specialist sustainability writer within the travel and design industries, Isobel has written for a broad range of national and international titles including The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Conde Nast Traveller. She brings particular expertise in consumer behaviour and trends within luxury and eco-travel and sustainable design, and has worked with luxury and travel brands as a consultant. She has written consumer behaviour reports on topics including 'how airlines can help consumers fly green' and the habits of high net-worth individuals.