What comes after the year of the girl?
5 Feb 2024
What comes after the year of the girl?

Between girl math, girl dinner, Barbie, and all-pink fashion and beauty trends, 2023 was arguably the ‘year of the girl’. Yet while the entertainment industry and social platforms have gone gaga over all things girly, what does 2024 hold in store for media portrayals of femininity and womanhood?

Ben Steele

Ben Steele is a social media marketer at The Big Phone Store. He is responsible for creating a viral marketing campaign that grew the store's TikTok account to seven million views in just two years.

Lucinda Bruce

Lucinda Bruce is a film producer and a growing voice for women in the industry. She is currently working on a movie titled Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole.

Mikara Reid

Mikara Reid is a is a personal style consultant and the CEO/founder of MIIEN Consultancy. She helps high-achieving professionals bridge who they are with their clothes, confidence, and careers as well as working with high-performing DTC fashion brands. She has over 15 years of experience in the fashion, retail, and communication industries and has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Essence, and other print and broadcast media. Mikara is the author of What's Your MIIEN! ? Discover Your Fashion Identity.

Meg Walters

Meg Walters is a UK-based freelance writer who specialises in entertainment and pop culture. She has written for publications including GQ, Glamour, Stylist, Refinery29, The Daily Beast, Vulture, and others. She specialises in covering how film and TV shift alongside larger cultural trends and generational culture gaps.