Everything you need to know about Thailand's T-Wave
5 Jan 2024
Everything you need to know about Thailand's T-Wave

Thailand's T-Wave, driven by BL series and T-pop, has pushed far beyond the walls of the country and Southeast Asia into hearts across the globe. Transnational fandoms amplify Thailand's global impact, offering luxury brands a lucrative market among its superfans by exploring localised branding.

Sascha H. Funk

Sascha Funk is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and has expertise in digital strategies, communication, and new media. He lectures on various subjects, including journalism, communication, AI, innovation, and the like, while also overseeing research projects that concentrate on communication and media topics.

Dr Thomas Baudinette

Dr Thomas Baudinette is a cultural anthropologist whose work has explored the consumption of popular culture among queer communities in Japan, Mainland China, Thailand, and the Philippines. He is interested in the transnational spread of Japanese queer popular culture and also investigates K-pop fandom in Japan and Australia.

Samantha Onglatco

Samantha Onglatco is a freelance journalist from the Philippines specialising in stories about culture, fandom, media, and entertainment.