How location sharing is impacting Gen Z’s relationships
14 Nov 2023
How location sharing is impacting Gen Z’s relationships

The popularity of location sharing has exploded among Gen Zers, many of whom have rewired their social media usage around tracking their friends. Yet while it can make socializing easier and safer, some struggle to assert boundaries. What impact is this shift having on Gen Z’s relationships?

Amy Francombe

Amy Francombe is a culture writer and editor specialising in youth culture, mental health, beauty, and fashion. She is a features writer at The Evening Standard, a deputy editor at Basement, and a former staff writer at The Face.

Janneke Schokkenbroek

Janneke Schokkenbroek is a researcher within the research group for Media, Innovation, and Communication Technologies at Ghent University. She has published and presented widely on the intersections between technology, relationships, and harm, and her PhD thesis focuses on online and offline risk behaviours in romantic relationships.

Elia Cugini

Elia Cugini is a writer and PhD student based in Manchester. His journalism regularly appears in Dazed and he has written for Baffler, Gawker, AnOther, Xtra, Huck, and other publications. His work covers contemporary literature, media, culture, and relationships, usually through a queer lens.