What do Gen Zers in Australia want from nightlife?
2 Oct 2023
What do Gen Zers in Australia want from nightlife?

A new generation is redefining what it means to have a good night out on the town. Amid diverse backgrounds and pandemic uncertainties, Gen Zers in Australia are swapping dance floors for bars and investing in socially conscious experiences and community-driven nightlife pursuits.

Tinika Pasinetti

IT QA engineer by day and Melbourne-based DJ by night, Tinika Pasinetti is renowned for her distinctive taste and adventurous track selection, drawing on her queer Black identity. Her involvement in the Victorian music scene has seen her extend her offering to event curation, radio, workshops, and teaching, where she aims to uplift, educate, and celebrate queer and minority ethnic artists. Pasinetti has always had a deep appreciation for fashion and styling, focusing on defining personal style and pushing traditional boundaries.


Exploring the depths between music, dance, and community, MIRASIA is well regarded as an artist and community leader. She is the Overall Mother and co-founder of The House of Silky, holding it down as Ballroom Australia’s resident DJ, and co-founder of Dutty, a party based in Naarm/Melbourne that prioritises music and the QTBIPOC community. MIRASIA’s work spans across music production, DJ, performance, and event curation.

Sarah Wei

Sarah Wei is a journalist and producer based in Melbourne and Hong Kong, with a focus on the travel, lifestyle, and arts and culture sectors. She has produced over 35 talks and workshops with 120 speakers, three large-scale 5-day events, over 20 community events,  one VR/AR exhibition, and more than 150 published features and stories across the region.