28 Jul 2023
2023 Generational Snapshot of Gen Alpha

The 2023 Generational Snapshot of Gen Alpha explores the possibilities of tech-powered financial education, the rise of homeschooling, the generation’s emerging perspective on diversity and equity, and the love for experiences over goods which they've inherited from their Millennial parents.

Dr. Amanda Gummer is a psychologist and the founder of Fundamentally Children, Good Toy Guide, and Dr. Gummer's Good Play Guide. Her work focuses on de-risking product development and marketing through research and consultancy. A specialist in natural research with children, Dr. Gummer provides authentic insights and helps apply those insights to create tangible benefits for clients.

Zoia Tarasova is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. With a background in social anthropology (MPhil and PhD), she has worked with a wide range of people, from British housewives to animal herders in remote Siberian villages. Zoia has a passion for ethnographic research and believes in empathy as its primary method. She spends her spare time collecting shells on beaches, finger painting, and taking care of her plants.