2022 Generational Snapshot of Gen Alpha
1 Jul 2022
2022 Generational Snapshot of Gen Alpha

The 2022 Generational Snapshot of Gen Alpha explores the impact financial anxiety is having on children's development, how digital-first socialising is generating new challenges around child protection, and what the pandemic has done to shape children's attitudes and behaviours.

Fallyn Smith

Fallyn Smith is an experienced family coach, certified elementary school counsellor, and certified positive discipline parenting educator. Her company, Mindful Kids Coaching, provides social and emotional coaching for parents, children, and families, who can learn invaluable skills that promote social and emotional wellbeing and success.

Makua Adimora

Makua Adimora is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. After completing a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, she shifted her focus to culture journalism. With a keen interest in music and culture, she has written for the likes of Vogue, Dazed, The Washington Post, and Al Jazeera, among others. In her spare time, she can be found overspending at Superdrug or writing about the new-school hip hop scene in Nigeria.