Why is lab-grown meat on the rise?
28 Jun 2023
Why is lab-grown meat on the rise?

Lab-grown meat, or cultivated meat, is gaining popularity as a health-conscious option which is good for the climate. While the environmental impact is still being studied, the cost is currently high, but efforts are being made to make it more affordable. What’s causing the growth in interest?

Shaan Shetty

Shaan Shetty is a second-generation restaurant owner, born and raised in Mumbai. Via a passion for good food and hospitality, he has developed a keen appreciation for global flavours, alongside a desire to create memorable dining experiences for others.

Prachi Shah

Prachi Shah is a dedicated and skilled nutritionist. Her educational journey has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between food, metabolism, and overall health. Shah believes in a personalised approach to nutrition, understanding that each person has unique nutritional needs.

Pari Bajoria

Pari Bajoria is a trend forecaster, cultural strategist, editor, and writer, with a background in fashion and lifestyle. She uses her skills to analyse global markets and tap into human behaviour through cultural research and is passionate about helping businesses stay ahead of the curve by analysing key trends and translating them into actionable insights. She believes that understanding cultural forces and using trends to foster positive changes is of utmost importance.