9 Jun 2023
The future of viral content with Josh Chapdelaine

Meme marketing is increasingly common – but more often than not, brands’ efforts fall flat as they fail to accurately decipher people’s behaviours online. Canvas8 spoke to Josh Chapdelaine about the importance of authenticity and intent when it comes to successfully communicating memetic content.

Josh Chapdelaine is a digital media producer and strategist, podcaster, educator, and writer, whose work is focused on digital culture, technology, and podcasting.

He is the Co-founder and Head of Production at Digital Void, a multimedia company focused on how new and digital media affects humans. He has produced more than a dozen live events, including the Meme in the Moment Festival. He also produces the Digital Void Podcast and the weekly podcast of Douglas Rushkoff, Team Human, which explores human autonomy in the digital age.

As an adjunct lecturer at Queens College, CUNY, Josh teaches podcasting and social media, developing syllabi for each course.

Christina Møller is a senior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. Having lived in six countries and with an MSc in social and cultural psychology under her belt, she is interested in how different cultural contexts shape people’s ways of thinking. Outside of work, you can usually find her strolling around London taking pictures or drinking wine with friends.