How is AI changing experiences of grief?
1 Mar 2023
How is AI changing experiences of grief?

There is no substitute for therapeutic care or the love of close friends and family at a sorrowful time. But digital innovations like AI therapy bots, after-loss software, and even video games are attempting to bridge the gap between the support we need and that which is accessible.

Ron Gura

Ron Gura is the co-founder and CEO of Empathy AI, a tech-powered platform helping families navigate the journey of loss. Previously, he was the senior vice president at WeWork, an entrepreneur-in-residence at Aleph, and product director at eBay.

Jasmine Rutherford

Dr. Jasmine Rutherford is a clinical psychologist working in end-of-life care and a video game reviewer who uses her channel, The Indie Jurnee, to highlight games with an emotional premise and a powerful story to tell.

Adrienne Matei

Adrienne Matei is a journalist for publications including the New York Times, Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, The Globe, and The Guardian. She writes about the intersection of online and offline culture from Gen Zer Tik Tok trends to the digital afterlife.