How is AI changing the way brands engage their audience?
6 Feb 2023
How is AI changing the way brands engage their audience?

When OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public, the text generator made a clear case for the sheer disruptive force of AI – making it apparent that such technology will change the way we experience information and engage with brands. But major challenges remain before AI elbows humans out of the way.

Professor Paul Clough

Professor Paul Clough is a professor of search and analytics at the University of Sheffield. He heads the information retrieval research group at the University of Sheffield’s Information School, where he teaches and researches data management, information storage, and retrieval.

Lucas Catalan Galan

Lucas Catalan Galan is the head of data science product at CODE Worldwide and a self-taught programmer and AI expert with over ten years in building innovative technology solutions and focusing on their applications. Galan has been involved in designing award-winning AI solutions for the likes of Formula One, Reuters Institute, and Public Health England.

Omar H. Fares

Omar H. Fares is a lecturer at the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management. He researches consumers’ interaction with novel digital innovations and the impact of digital innovations on retailers. Fares has worked for leading institutions such as Walmart, CIBC, and Fairstone Bank.

Tamlin Magee

Tamlin Magee is a freelance technology journalist and culture writer.