Breeshia Wade on acknowledging Black grief
14 May 2021
Breeshia Wade on acknowledging Black grief

While the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 left many Americans distressed, the killing of George Floyd exacerbated this feeling among those in the Black community. Canvas8 spoke to Breeshia Wade, the author of Grieving While Black, about the impact of racism on grief in different communities.

Breeshia Wade

Breeshia Wade is an author, Buddhist end-of-life caregiver, and grief expert who completed her MA from the University of Chicago in religious studies and completed her Buddhist chaplaincy training at Upaya Zen Center. She explores racial trauma and grieving in her book, Grieving While Black: An Antiracist Take on Oppression and Sorrow.

Bianca Gonzalez

Bianca Gonzalez is a writer and consultant who has written for activist empowerment sites like Supermajority as well as D&I marketing insight companies like Bold Culture, whose parent company is Streamlined Media. With years of experience in research, community service, and advocacy, she knows to highlight all the good that an organization or company does.