Why are women living the ‘soft life’?
25 Jan 2023
Why are women living the ‘soft life’?

Post-pandemic, a new trend has emerged that rejects hustle culture in favour of a less frantic lifestyle. Pioneered and embraced by Black women, in particular, it’s seeing people recognise the need to step away from toxic work and societal expectations – and towards a softer life.

Vikki Louise

Vikki Louise is the UK’s leading feminist time, productivity, and rest coach, innovating outdated time management systems and tools that simply have us ‘getting by’, overworking, and operating under high stress and pressure. She helps clients work less and achieve more through non-toxic productivity, using rest as a tool for growth and dropping time management to-dos. After graduating from the London School of Economics, she worked in finance and tech before founding her coaching company. Vikki also hosts the Feminist Time, Productivity, and Rest podcast, which has been downloaded over 600,000 times.

Oludara Adeeyo

Oludara Adeeyo is a psychotherapist and author of Self-Care for Black Women. Before becoming a social worker, Adeeyo spent over seven years working as a writer and editor. She has been an associate web editor at Cosmopolitan and the managing editor at XXL. Affirmations for Black Women: A Journal is her second book.

Tessa Love

Tessa Love is a writer whose work focuses on the undertones of culture and human experience. Her work has been featured in Outside Magazine, The Believer, Longreads, BBC, and more. She is also a cultural researcher and trend analyst specialising in youth behaviours and insights. She has produced reports, articles, white papers, and films that have informed the strategies of some of the world’s biggest brands, and she previously served as the editorial director of Western Europe for the global youth insights and research agency YPulse.