Is boba tea the new coffee culture for Gen Z?
7 Jul 2022
Is boba tea the new coffee culture for Gen Z?

Delicious and Instagram perfect, boba tea, also known as bubble tea, has won Gen Z hearts over the last decade. But before the now ubiquitous drink goes the way of fro-yo and other drink fads, how can brands add value to the boba tea experience to guarantee a loyal following?

Kristin McCoy-Ward

Bubble Tea Kristin is a bubble tea expert and consultant who guides and mentors new businesses in the field. She founded one of the first award-winning boba shops in the UK and has mentored clients all over world, from small mom-and-pop shops to large chain businesses. Always on the cutting edge of boba drinks, flavours, types, and styles, Kristin is even able to create bespoke best-selling recipes and full new menus. On her YouTube channel, Bubble Tea Kristin, she shares advice and recipes free of charge, currently with over 14,000 subscribers and growing.

Frank Schuetzendorf

Frank Schuetzendorf is a food and beverage expert who focuses on operational design, service excellence, and customer experience mapping. He is a senior lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education and the Essec Business School, Paris.

Meaghan Beatley

Meaghan Beatley is a journalist based in Barcelona. She has written for The Guardian, Vice, The New Statesman and National Geographic, among others.