What does home mean to Gen Z?
29 Sep 2022
What does home mean to Gen Z?

For many Gen Zers, owning or even renting a property feels out of reach – but that doesn’t mean home is less important for this cohort. How are they expressing their style through their living spaces? And how can brands help them create homes that provide a feeling of security and belonging?

Benjamin Fix

Benjamin Fix is the CEO and co-founder of Sproos!, a home improvement brand for renters. He uses his deep industry knowledge and experience as a global renter to drive change with cool, modern fixtures that bring joy and empower people to do things themselves.

India Block

India Block is a writer, editor, speaker, and deputy editor of Disegno. She writes and talks about architecture, design, and technology. She is particularly interested in how these topics intersect with futurism, politics, housing, human rights, LGBTQ+ issues, sustainability, and anti-racism.

Matt Lesniak

Matt Lesniak is the director and head of impact and innovation at Conscious Coliving. He is responsible for designing community experiences and impact strategies and measuring the social value of coliving communities. Matt is also a founding member and current head of community of Co-Liv and has worked for The Collective on its Impact Team.

Isobel Diamond

A specialist sustainability writer within the travel and design industries, Isobel has written for a broad range of national and international titles including The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Conde Nast Traveller. She brings particular expertise in consumer behaviour and trends within luxury and eco-travel and sustainable design, and has worked with luxury and travel brands as a consultant. She has written consumer behaviour reports on topics including 'how airlines can help consumers fly green' and the habits of high net-worth individuals.