Will Americans accept ads on their lockscreens?
10 Aug 2022
Will Americans accept ads on their lockscreens?

As marketers increasingly push ads onto the personal devices in our homes, your phone’s lockscreen could be the latest advertising battleground. But as traditional digital advertising is changing, will privacy-savvy Americans accept this, and what can brands do to avoid advertising misuse?

Baruch Labunski

Baruch Labunski is the founder of digital marketing company Rank Secure.

Professor Amitav Chakravarti

Professor Amitav Chakravarti is professor of marketing in the department of management at London School of Economics.

Brad Elbein

Brad Elbein is a partner and government, regulatory and compliance practice co-chair at law firm Culhane and Meadows.

Tamlin Magee

Tamlin Magee is a freelance technology journalist and culture writer.