Why is plant-based meat losing its sizzle?
1 Aug 2022
Why is plant-based meat losing its sizzle?

When Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat first came on the scene, the future of plant-based protein looked decidedly juicy. But the hype and popularity of these products have waned. So why are sales of plant-based meat suddenly lagging and what can food brands do to reignite consumer excitement?

Neil Rankin

Neil Rankin is a trained butcher and former barbecue chef-turned plant protein entrepreneur. His London-based company, Symplicity Foods, supplies minimally processed, vegetable-based vegan meat products to some of the UK’s top restaurants.

David Yeung

David Yeung is the CEO and founder of OmniFoods, a food-tech company based in Hong Kong. Its breakthrough product is OmniPork, which comes in various forms and sells to supermarkets and restaurants all over the world.

Crystal Wilde

Crystal Wilde is a journalist and content marketer who has been living and working in Asia for over 13 years. She writes on a wide range of topics – from business and tech to travel and culture to fashion and food – for some of the world’s biggest publications and brands.