Why are Australians eating plant-based and local?
20 May 2021
Why are Australians eating plant-based and local?

With over a third of Australians actively reducing their meat consumption, the nation has become a major point of interest for plant-based food producers. At the same time, COVID-19 has ramped up interest in localised food networks. So, how can brands tap into these shifting eating behaviours?

Jonas Tobias

Jonas Tobias is the communications manager of Marley Spoon’s operations in Australia. An experienced PR professional, he is passionate about working with businesses that seek to change how people live and work for the better. His particular focus is with companies that focus on simplifying life.

Alex Rutkowska

Alex Rutkowska is a pharmacy assistant, dietician, and the founder of food product review site Checklabels.com.au. She loves nature, healthy food, and travelling.

Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas writes about food, beer, and sustainable farming for magazines and blogs. Also a researcher, he's produced reports and provided consultancy support for food brands such as McCain, PepsiCo, and Epicurean Events.