How is nostalgia shaping Gen Y’s candy choices?
30 Jun 2022
How is nostalgia shaping Gen Y’s candy choices?

Gen Yers are finding solace in chocolate and candy snacks from their childhood, especially when faced with the stressors of true ‘adulting’ and post-pandemic pressures. This has prompted brands to update nostalgic tastes with contemporary values of health, sustainability, and functionality.

Mike Kostyo

Mike Kostyo is a trendologist at Datassential, which provides data, intelligence, and market research to the foodservice industry. Mike focuses on early-stage trend identification for clients nationwide and is on the board of the International Foodservice Editorial Council.

Carly Schildhaus

Carly Schildhaus is senior manager of public affairs at the National Confectioners Association. The NCA is the American trade organization that promotes chocolate, candy, gum, mints, and the companies that make them as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris is a senior editor with over 10 years experience leading some of the UK's biggest food and recipe websites. She writes food and travel features for print and online publications including The Independent, Stylist, The Sunday Times, Time Out, Mr & Mrs Smith, Sainsbury's Magazine, Food and Travel, Fire & Knives, The Liberal, and Waitrose Kitchen.

Alexandra Hayes

Alexandra Hayes is a food and drink consultant who specialises in bespoke food trends and consumer insight. Her work supports the biggest food producers, retailers, and hospitality brands in the UK.