Dr. Olivier Cotsaftis on the benefits of biophilia
27 May 2022
Dr. Olivier Cotsaftis on the benefits of biophilia

The world is already experiencing the effects of climate change and outcomes are predicted to worsen without significant intervention. As people seek meaningful ways to combat the threat of climate crisis, Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Olivier Cotsaftis about how the solutions we need probably already exist.

Dr. Olivier Cotsaftis

Dr. Olivier Cotsaftis is a lecturer and researcher at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, School of Design and a post-disciplinary designer, navigating the spaces between presents, futures, fictions, and realities. His research addresses climate mitigation and social innovation in more-than-human and circular heterotopias. He is the founder and creative director of future ensemble studio, the co-founder of Melbourne Speculative Futures – the Melbourne chapter of The Design Futures Initiative – and ​​was formerly a design lead at Fjord Design and Innovation.

Nick Lising-White

Nick is a Behavioural Analyst at Canvas8. With a degree in Human Geography from UCL, he is interested in the impact of differing cultural conditions on human behaviour. Outside of work he can be found meandering between cafes on his bike, testing his culinary skills and intermittently pottering around a rugby pitch.