23 Nov 2021
Why do people expect regeneration from brands?

Regenerative farming is on a lot of eco-conscious lips, with brands big and small pledging to replenish the earth they use. With soil health depleting around the world, how can farmers, brands, and individuals work together to address the needs of both the planet and its inhabitants?

Patrick Holden is the founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust, working internationally to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable food systems.

Russ Carrington is a regenerative farmer who is launching Knepp Estate’s 150-acre regenerative farm in West Sussex. He is an advocate for sustainable farming and is particularly keen on developing a close and honest farm-to-fork relationship with consumers.

Anthony Myint is the co-founder and executive director of Zero Foodprint. He works to mobilise the restaurant industry and allies in the public and private sectors to support healthy soil as a solution to the climate crisis. He is also a chef and won the 2019 Basque Culinary World Prize for his work with Zero Foodprint.

Laura Day is a journalist who specialises in health, nature, food culture and lifestyle. She has written for local and national news titles, and consumer magazines, including The Guardian, Positive News, Healthy Food Guide, and Delicious Magazine.