Christina Adane on tackling food insecurity
29 Apr 2022
Christina Adane on tackling food insecurity

Growing up in a ‘food desert’ means serious repercussions for young Britons, whose inability to access nutritious food leaves them at a significant disadvantage in life. Canvas8 speaks to youth campaigner Christina Adane about the power of youth activism and the role of brands in championing change.

Christina Adane

Christina Adane is a founding co-chair of the Bite Back 2030 youth board, a youth-led movement aiming to fight the injustices of the food industry. She's known for her work on leading the free school meal campaign in the UK and campaigning against junk food marketing, as well as broader work on the intersections of climate, food, and race. Alongside this, Christina is a Debate Mate ambassador, a member of Google's Z-Council, and an honorary fellow of the British Science Association. Her efforts in campaigning and youth empowerment led Christina to be recognised as one of the BBC’s top 100 most influential women of 2020, a 2021 Diana Legacy Award winner, as well as a finalist in the International Children's Peace Prize 2021.

Emma Sheppard

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