How can brands help people eat well in food deserts?
13 Jun 2019
How can brands help people eat well in food deserts?

More than ten million Britons are underserved by healthy and affordable food outlets. They live in what are known as food deserts, whether in housing estates or rural areas, and socioeconomic factors mean it’s the poorest that are hit the worst. How can brands better cater to these areas?

Megan Blake

Megan Blake is a researcher specialising in food security and food deserts. She currently works as a senior lecturer in the department of geography at the University of Sheffield. She is also a member of the Greater Manchester Poverty Action's Food and Wellbeing group, Sheffield City Council's Food Group, the Doncaster Food Partnership Board, and the Healthy Weight Networking Group in Yorkshire.

Courtney Scott

Courtney Scott is a food and nutrition policy expert who joined the Food Foundation as Research and Policy Advisor in 2017. She previously worked on nutrition policy advocacy in the US for Public Health Advocates, focusing on sugary drink policies.

Laurie Clarke

Laurie Clarke is a researcher and writer based in Scotland. She has previously worked in marketing for an addiction clinic and has researched everything from memes in advertising to the legal US cannabis industry as a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. Having studied psychology, she is obsessed with what makes people tick, especially when it comes to how they make decisions.