What’s driving the vinyl revival?
14 Apr 2022
What’s driving the vinyl revival?

As people seek connection and an emotive focal point for their outings, they have turned to vinyl to satisfy these cravings. But what’s the catalyst behind this revival? And why is the allure of a physical object over a digital file appealing in a climate where everything is so easily accessible?

Nathon Raine

Nathon Raine is the director of the online record shop and content platform Norman Records.

Matt Baty

Matt Baty has run the independent record label Box Records since 2009. Baty performs in the band Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and is the live drummer for Richard Dawson, a musician who received The Quietus’ Album of the Year award in 2017. He also works for the music publishing company Wipe Out Media and has previously worked for Amazing Radio.

Tayyab Amin

Tayyab Amin is a writer, events programmer, and DJ. Publications he has written for include The Guardian, Crack Magazine, Pitchfork, and Dazed. He has also worked with Ableton, Native Instruments, Unsound Kraków, and the Fader.

Fred Mikardo-Greaves

Fred Mikardo-Greaves is a musician and writer. His musical projects have featured in the Guardian, the New Musical Express and the Quietus. He has written for publications including Vice, Bandcamp Daily and Novara Media and is currently a staff writer and editor for the online record shop/content platform Norman Records.